English Activities

September - March

Theme-based Learning Unit

All about the future


P.6 Interview Course

Theme-based Learning Unit ‘Halloween’

Fancy Dress Day


TOEFL Primary test Pr.3-6

November - December

Speech Festival

Solo Verse Speaking

Choral Speaking


Life-wide Learning Activity: Visit to a secondary school

January - February

Budding Poets (Gifted programme)


Drama Festival

September - May

ECA Drama Course

September - June

Campus TV

January - May

Pr.3 Speaking Programme

October - May

Pr.4 Drama Programme

October - May

Pr.4 Whizz Kid Gifted Workshop

January - May

Pr.5 Presentation Programme

October - November

Pr.6 Interview Programme

October - May

Pr.1-3 Saturday Course

October - November

Pr.6 Intensive Interview Course (Saturday)

Tuesday Morning

Morning Assembly

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings

Early Bird Reading

September - May

English Room Activities


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